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Erik is available for poetry, flash fiction, or hybrid manuscript consultations. For manuscript consultations of 48-60 pages, there is a flat fee of $400 ($8 per additional page may be added to a full manuscript that exceeds 60 pages). Otherwise, consultations will be $10 per page of writing.  For individual pieces, I am happy to look at poetry and/or flash fiction, or something in between. 

I will provide a full reader's impression of each page of the manuscript or individual pieces with an eye toward helping the writer grow in their desired style and aesthetic. Although I have a very distinct aesthetic, I admire all types of writing, and I will make sure that I am never guiding a writer toward what I would do but rather toward what I think their poem wants to do. That said, I may often provide suggestions that I think might make the poems grow in different, unexpected, directions as well. We will have a full conversation about what your goals are for the pieces before I begin the consultation so that I can get a better idea of what type of feedback you are looking for.

Each consultation of at least 10 pages of writing includes a 30-minute phone call in which the writer and I can discuss my comments in more depth. 

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