every time
you die

Poems by Erik Fuhrer
Art by Marcel Herms
Alien Buddha Press, 2019

"This new collection by Erik Fuhrer is as the title suggests - it deals with death. Ironically, what makes this collection truly unique is that each relatively short poem is fully alive, vibrant and possesses a cathartic power that is both personal and universal. Here is a poet who is a master of metaphor and creates lucid narratives that are layered with complexities that capture an inspired fusion of loss and enlightenment."

—Kevin Pilkington, Author of Where You Want to Be: New and Selected Poems

Book Trailer

“Erik Fuhrer’s every time you die is a stunning collection of short poems, each packing a punch when you least expect it. Fuhrer leads us readers up ‘a stairway for grief,’ all the while reminding us of death’s finality and the lair of the underworld in the haunting refrain: ‘you are never going back up.’ The dark nature of the love poems in this fine collection are both poignant and stark in their use of imagery. Of special interest to me were the erasures, where the poet, with sheer mastery of the form, creates an effect and impact that is long-lasting, reducing the death of a loved one to nothing more than ‘a clean typewriter font.’” 


—Shloka Shankar, Founding Editor, Sonic Boom & Yavanika Press


Fuhrer has arranged his poems on the page in a way that shows the reader how the mind can stumble, fall and then quickly put itself back together again after a bereavement. His words move about on the page and you feel the sorrow that these poems paint. It’s relatable as you can’t help but feel a little dazed reading the words tumble around, reflecting one’s mental state at such a sad time. It’s intriguing as we take a look into the mind of grief in all its complicated unstructured form. 

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every time you die cover image, including yellow lettering on a blue and red background that resembles a watery landscape.