Eye, Apocalypse

Poems by Erik Fuhrer
Collages by Erik Fuhrer
Spuyten Duyvil Press, 2021

"The Apocalypse as love story, as a MAGA hat, as a poem: the Apocalypse personified. This collection by Erik Fuhrer showcases his skill at making the fantastical mundane and the mundane fantastical. Every piece in this book has a lingering bite, a tiny world-ender that sinks into you and doesn’t let go."

—Cathy Ulrich

Author of Ghosts of You

Sample Art from the Book


"We all live with fear, and secretly desire the apocalypse. But what if that revealing spirit of doom could speak to us, seduce us, and leave us trailing along in its wake? Erik Fuhrer’s book of poems present the apocalypse as sullen teen and revelatory voice, painful music and just-vanished lover. These poems animate our catastrophic present and shine light onto the ways we are learning to live now."

—Steve Mentz

Professor of English at St. John’s University (New York),

author of Ocean (2020), Break Up the Anthropocene (2019), and other books

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