At Root

Poems by Erik Fuhrer

Digital Art by Erik Fuhrer

Alien Buddha Press, 2020

Sample Art from the Book

At Root is a minimalist erasure of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. The geometric renderings by the author function as translations from the textual into the language of shape and color. Each individual three-lined poem is loosely crafted as a haiku, which resonates with Beckett’s Godot in its fragmentariness and partiality. Every textual and visual element of At Root is in conversation with Beckett’s work about absurdity, form, and relationality.

A purple triangle, orange square, and blue circle, with an obtuse angle created by two dotted lines, on a light brown background.
A red triangle, one black circle and one gold circle, with a black line on a light brown background.
An orange circle in a red square, a green circle, and a black horizontal dotted line on a light brown background.