"Very caring and accommodating to student needs. Teaches very outside the box and promotes a different way of thinking by stimulating creativity through assignments.."

Notre Dame, Student Evaluation


As an accomplished writing teacher and published poet and flash fiction writer, I am happy to offer coaching, consultation, and editing services for any type of writing project and at any stage of the project (from brainstorming to final touches). Please contact me below for more information.





“Erik sent me detailed and inspiring feedback on all of my poems, with extremely helpful suggestions on how to develop my work.  With my poem ‘Background Man’, Erik helped me realize that I was clinging onto a title for the sake of it – and this, in turn, was smothering the poem itself. And when I submitted my short poem ’Eczema’ to Erik, he suggested that I shorten it even further; an idea that would never have occurred to me without his help. Erik has really inspired me to keep going with my work! Highly recommended.”

–Michael McGill, Writer

“Erik consistently made insightful suggestions about what to hold on to and nurture, as well as what to axe. And he shared his constructive suggestions with care. I’m glad and grateful I had the opportunity to see and hear his brain (and heart) in action.”

–Pat Foran, Writer

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