©2019 by Erik Fuhrer

Writing the Posthuman: A Poetry Workshop

Dates: July 2nd- August 1st  

Cost: $350

Description: In this 4-week workshop, we will interrogate the term posthuman, and write poems in response to theoretical conceptions of the term as well as poems that may be considered posthuman. Each week, you will write one poem, comment on at least 3 other poems by your peers, and receive feedback from me. I will comment on every poem.

Instructor: Erik Fuhrer

  • Erik Fuhrer is the author of not human enough for the census, forthcoming from Vegetarian Alcoholic Press. He has over over 3 years experience designing and conducting workshops at both The University of Iowa and the University of Notre Dame, and 6 years experience teaching writing at multiple universities. For his full bio, please see the "about" page.

After completing this workshop, you will (be able to):

  1. Develop a preliminary understanding of the term posthuman.

  2. Write four drafts of poems that engage with the idea of the posthuman in some way (broadly conceived)

  3. Comment thoughtfully on the poems of other writers in the class.

To sign-up, please purchase the class through PayPal and register and the link below: