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"Gellar Studies will be exceptionally delectable and devastating for Gen X LGBTQIA+ readers who are familiar with Sarah Michelle Gellar's iconic work, but I am confident that any reader will quickly submerge themselves in Fuhrer's stunning, surreal, and powerful waters, hoping to never come up for air."

Addie Tsai, author of Unwieldy Creatures

From the Introduction to Gellar Studies

Gellar Studies

Gellar Studies is what arises when the academic genre of writing about an iconic body of work meets the personal essay. It is as much an examination of the impact of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s work on a queer viewer as it is a personal meditation on childhood and queer trauma and the ways in which the work of particular media figures offers a space not only for identification but for performativity of a life lived otherwise. The traumas that the speaker of the poems has experienced unfold through parallels and possibilities ignited by the work of Gellar that provide ways of processing, and entry points into healing.

"Erik is a wordsmith of the highest caliber:  their passion and erudition radiate from every phrase, each a carefully constructed blade fearlessly peeling back layers of the anatomy of trauma."

Stephen Susco

Screenwriter, The Grudge

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