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About Erik Fuhrer, Ph.D.

I have mentored dozens of faculty and graduate students at The University of Iowa and the University of Notre Dame and approximately one thousand undergraduate students at The University of Notre Dame, Goshen College, St. John's University, Suffolk County Community College, and the College of New Rochelle.


As a teacher and mentor, I have helped creators deepen their practices and coached those in fields traditionally deemed as non-creative on how to embrace their inherent creativity and develop creative methods and techniques to think more thoroughly through their lives and achieve their goals. I am flexible in my approach and quickly attune myself to the learning and writing style of each person I mentor to best harness and develop their unique strengths.

  • 10+ years of teaching and consulting experience

  • 6 published books of poetry, 3 including my visual art

  • Over 100 individual works of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and visual art in diverse print and online journals

  • Ph.D. in Creative Writing from The University of Glasgow

  • MFA in Creative Writing from The University of Notre Dame

  • BA in English and Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College

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