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Application Essay Coaching

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Are you ready to craft compelling essays that stand out from the crowd? As a seasoned writing coach, I offer unparalleled support for students and professionals at every stage of their academic and professional journey.


College Application Essays

Gain admission to prestigious institutions like NYU, Bard, Oberlin, University of Richmond, Howard, Penn State, and University of Colorado Boulder. My students have successfully secured spots in these esteemed universities, thanks to personalized guidance tailored to showcase their unique strengths and aspirations.


Graduate Application Essays

Elevate your graduate application with essays that leave a lasting impression. One of my students was even named a finalist for the Rhodes Scholarship. Let me help you articulate your academic and professional ambitions with clarity and conviction.


Cover Letters, Teaching Materials, and Resumes

Whether you're applying to academia or industry, I provide comprehensive support for crafting compelling cover letters, teaching materials, and resumes. Alumni of my consulting services now thrive at institutions like University of Maryland, University of Iowa, Cornell College, Drake University, Ohio University, University of North Texas, Augustana University, and leading corporations like Microsoft.


Meet Your Coach

With a PhD in creative writing, 14 years of classroom teaching experience, and a proven track record as a published memoirist, poet, and playwright, I bring a wealth of expertise to every coaching session. I've taught at diverse institutions, including liberal arts colleges, community colleges, research universities, private religious universities, and public universities. My focus on essay writing, mentoring, and coaching ensures that you'll receive personalized guidance tailored to your unique goals and aspirations.

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