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9/30/2023 @ 7pm EST

A Celebration of Gellar Studies

Readers: Christopher Perez, Isabel Sobral Campos, and Erik Fuhrer

Unnameable Books

Brooklyn, NY 


Bookmarks: A Conversation About Books

Featuring Erik Fuhrer in Conversation with Greg Maertz

St. John’s University

Queens, NY

8/3/2023 @ 7pm EST

The Be Well Reading Series’ Celebration of Pop Culture Poems 

Hosted by Nicole Tallman & ELJ Editions

Readers: Alex Carrigan, Dustin Brookshire, and Erik Fuhrer


Screen Shot 2023-08-11 at 10.50.27 AM.png

6/8/2023 @ 6:15pm EST

Featured Poetry Reading @ Opening Reception

Virginia Woolf and Ecology: 33rd Annual Virginia Woolf Conference

Florida Gulf Coast University

Fort Meyers, FL

4/23/2023 @ 4pm PST

Gellar Studies, Erik Fuhrer, Book Launch

Hosted by Amy Long of Taylor Swift as Books: Readers: Addie Tsai, Charlotte Donlon, Charles Jensen, and Erik Fuhrer


11/5/2022 @ 7pm PST

Thrum, Jon Chaiim McConnel, Book Launch

Readers: Ali Raz, Erik Fuhrer, and Jon Chaiim McConnel  

Youtupia Creative Cafe

Los Angeles, CA

10/13/2021 @ 7pm EST

Eye, Apocalypse, Erik Fuhrer, Book Launch

Hosted by Wren Hanks

Readers: Steve Mentz and Erik Fuhrer


7/31/2021 @ 6pm EST

“A View From the Pews,” Steve Henn, Lathe-Cut Audio Recording Release Party

Readers: Erik Fuhrer, Erica-Anderson-Senter, and Steve Henn

Warsaw, IN

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