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Art by Kimberly Androlowicz

Kimberly is a visual artist who studied painting, set design, and puppetry at Bennington College and design for theater at Yale School of Drama. She has exhibited at The Heckscher Museum of Art and The B.J. Spoke Gallery in Huntington, New York. She works with both acrylic and encaustic paints.

All shown images are available for sale as high quality 5x7 giclée prints for $10.00 each. Any two prints for $17.00 total. Any three prints for $25.00 total. Shipping is included in the price. Include the title of the image(s) you want to purchase in the "notes." 


Please use the contact page to query if you are interested in purchasing the original piece of art.



Cover for Fuhrer's apocalyptic ecopoetry collection. Hanging black branches with purple and green brushstrokes.
Cover for Fuhrer's collection of experimental forms. Blue and red background with watery effects.
Cover for Fuhrer's collection of poetic erasures. Red and yellow wedges and red scribbles on a blue background.

Art by

Kimberly Androlowicz

Abstract painting by Kimberly Androlowicz. Scattered colored lines against a multicolored background.

Erik Fuhrer (@Erikfuhrer) is a poet, artist, collaborator, and educator. With his wife, the painter Kimberly Androlowicz, he is co-collaborator of not human enough for the census.