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White Rocks


"This collection is immersive and forces the reader to confront disaster as a sprawling, volatile force that exposes awe, horror, and humor in the same vein. To navigate through these poems is to sink into each layer and listen to the voices that are freed when the human decomposes. The poems feel radioactive, charged with multiple force that clash with each other and make material that is unstable. This collection ultimately investigates happens when the human becomes compost, becomes indiscernible from the detritus of disaster, and speculates what remains when what is human morphs into decay."

-Scarlett Wardrop

Ecotheo Review


not human enough for the census

Eye, Apocalypse - Independent Book Review - IG, FB_edited_edited.jpg

 in which I take myself hostage


"Erik Fuhrer does this amazing trick where he reflects my deepest and darkest assumptions about the world—effectively validating them—but then makes a slight turn, giving me the will to wish for something more. Something better. And that, when you boil it all down, is exactly what poetry is here for."

-Joseph Haeger

Independent Book Review


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