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Giulia de Gregorio Listo- 5 Questions

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

1. Describe Your Book

In 2019, I've published my first book, a poetry collection entitled "Longing"( It has over 70+ poems that talk about the void we all face throughout life. The feeling that there's something more we should find, or something that we will never be able to reach but that compels us to move. It also talks about mental health and self-discovery.

2. Who/What Influenced the Writing of This Book?

Besides my own feelings, my own longing towards possibilities, I was also inspired by the hope I would help others to find the words to explain their own emotions.

Concerning other authors, Sylvia Plath was my main inspiration. Not only through her work but through who she was as a writer and how dedicated she was to her craft.

3. Share a Line or Two from the Book and Briefly Explain What Those Lines Mean to You

"Waiting feels like open-heart surgery.

Trustingly tearing a wound apart to the new things to come,

Pulling my chest open with my bare hands, in deliverance,

Because I want more from life."

This is an excerpt from a poem called "In Life's Hands" and I think it translates the overall force that made me write "Longing". This desire to uncover more of life, to pursue a feeling that has no name.

4. If Your Book Had a Soundtrack, What Would it Be?

I cannot write without listening to music, so my work usually has a personal soundtrack. "Longing" was religiously written while listening to Florence Welsh, Dodie Clark, Agnes Obel and the OST of the movies "The Hours" and "Sylvia".

Usually, when I'm writing a poem I have to listen to the same song, over and over, until I'm done.

5. What Else Would You Like to Share About your Book(s)/ Published Work?

I am currently working on my next collection, which will be about the poetry in our silences. As a completely indie author, any support is amazing, any review is precious and any space is a stage.

I also publish plenty of poems on my Medium page

I'm really grateful for who far my poetry has traveled and I hope it keeps on soaring!


Giulia de Gregorio Listo is a poet and author from São Paulo, Brazil. She is also a Journalist, Content Producer, and a Tarot Reader. 

Besides her debut poetry collection "Longing", her work has been featured in anthologies and magazines such as Literally Literary, The Ibis Head Review, Literati Magazine, The Junction, The Creative Cafe and others. 

You can buy her debut collection "Longing" at the following link:

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