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Creative Coaching

I will create a creative experience for you. Whether you are a creative looking for feedback and ways to develop your work or someone looking to integrate creativity into your life and goals, we will work together to construct a unique pathway toward more fully realizing your vision.

Please see the below PDF for sample packages.

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Screenshot 2022-05-16 at 08-48-53 Elsa Barron's (_elsioso) profile on Instagram • 329 post

Elsa Barron

Climate Activist
Host, Olive Shoot Podcast

Erik challenged me to see the world more like a web. I began to perceive things, both human and non-human, as intricately interwoven. This new creative thinking led to innovations in my activism, podcasting, and research on the climate crisis and how intimately it affects us all.

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Wren Hanks

Erik is one of the most compassionate and thoughtful educators I've ever encountered. They're dedicated to making their classrooms accessible, welcoming, and non-hierarchical. As a poet who has benefited from Erik's encouragement and collaborative spirit myself, I cannot recommend them highly enough as a coach. They will work with you to create a plan that honors your vision, your process, and your writing pace. If your writing needs a champion, contact them today!

Caitlin HS.jpg

Caitlin Smith

Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Heidelberg


I can’t recommend Erik’s services enough! They provided thorough, timely, line-by-line review of my early-stage poems. They even worked with my busy schedule to meet via Zoom and talk through the feedback, suggesting target journals for specific poems and demystifying the publishing process. Erik’s feedback was energizing, personalized, and practical. My writing improved and so did my imagination.

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