Who is Creative Coaching for?


You have a desire to explore how creative thinking and approaches may help you deepen your practices in other fields.


You want to create but you don’t know where to start or need some guidance finding and exploring your own path/ beginning a creative project.


You have a lot of stuff that you have created and you want to talk through and develop them and your practice further.


You want to be a creative professional and want help building a creative presence in the world, may it be on social media, gallery spaces, publications, etc.


You want to apply to graduate programs, fellowships, or jobs and would like support developing artists statements, portfolios, and other materials.

Coaching can be in the form of Zoom calls and live interactions AND/OR written feedback. I want to make sure I am tailoring it to what you need. Please click above to either email me or to set up a free Zoom call to discuss your needs.

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